Head Photographer

+ A history lover who will try any creative hobby and looks up the IMDb page for every single thing she watches.

+ Also a slow-burn romance lover who will watch or read an entire series out of spite to see one couple brush hands or smile at each other.

+ An Enneagram 9 - so according to Google, I'm just like Harry Potter, Jim Halbert, Will Byers, Winnie the Pooh, and Jane Bennet (if that helps).

The Rest of the Team



+ An associate shooter for most of my weddings who also takes killer profile pictures, behind-the scenes content for me, and video clips for clients.

+ A great person to hold gear and organize family members for photos. Also down to join in line dances during the reception.

If you book a second shooter with one of my packages, you'll be getting both of us! If I'm unavailable for a date, she's able to shoot under my name to get all the shots I would've taken - and I edit. 



+ An avid cinema lover. You will not find someone who has seen more content than Finn - and someone who can turn that love into capturing cinematic shots for clients.

+ A videographer on the weekends -- fitness manager, nutrition coach, and manual therapist on the daily. He has been creating content for fitness for years and recently followed his love of cinematography to join the wedding world.

+ Also very tall so can get those great angles.