A 1.5 hour session with unlimited outfit changes and 1-2 locations. Can be used for an engagement session or just for a fun couples shoot!



A 1 hour session to capture those last days as a senior! 1-2 outfit changes.


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While I mostly focus on couples + weddings, I'm 100% down for brainstorming sessions to see if it's something that would work! Branding, headshots, maternity sessions, businesses, etc


Package 01



Because weddings require more attention than elopements, the difference in base price reflects the size of your wedding.

Each package includes a second shooter, at least 800 photos, and a gallery within 8 weeks.

6 hours: $2,250

8 hours: $3,000

10 hours: $3,750


Additional hours

Social media content


Photo album

Package 02



Elopements are intimate, allowing for a more flexible schedule and generally fewer photos (we still get ALL the memories, of course!).

6 hours: $1,500

8 hours: $2,600

10 hours: $3,250


Additional hours

Social media content


Photo album

Why stop at stills?

A new add on available: videography. Finnick shoots 2-5 minute wedding videos focusing on the important moments throughout the day, cinematically edited. Or we can offer short individual clips shot on our photographers' cameras for you to use as you wish!


How long will it take to get my photos back?

For weddings, no more than 8 weeks. For all other smaller sessions, about 2 weeks, depending on how busy the season is. For proposals, I can usually expedite so you can post the announcement!

What should I wear?

Short answer: what makes you comfortable! I recommend neutrals with no logos or crazy patterns, but there are always exceptions. Bringing 2-3 outfits is always a great idea! You can wear all of them or I can help you choose.

How does payment work?

I strive to be flexible on payment! Which means we can split the payment up however works best for you - anywhere from 10% down to 100% down as the deposit. I accept cash, Venmo, PayPal, or credit cards.

What if I don't know any photo spots? Can you help?

Of course! I always love it when clients have a place that's special to them (example: shooting at a pizza place because that's where your first date was!). But, I also have a few places I love taking clients. Or I can Google some if I'm not in the area!

What free services do you provide if I need some help?

If you've booked me, I am there to help with pretty much anything. I can recommend timelines, photo spots, music, special poses, bring coffee, hold your flowers, etc. Just ask!

Do you give out raw footage/photos?

Nope! You should choose your photographer because you like their editing and style. These photos also reflect my work, so if you put your own filter on them and tag me, it won't be accurate marketing for me. So I do not give out any raw images - this is also in the contract!

What kind of video am I getting?

This depends on what you're looking for! Generally, it'll be a 2-5 minute video with no audio (with music instead) highlighting important moments throughout the day. If you just want small clips, my second shooter can provide you with random clips to organize how you'd like!

I don't feel comfortable in front of the camera - are you going to pose me?

Yes! I like to give action-based prompts which means I'll give you something to DO instead of trying to stiffly pose everything about you. I also tend to choose prompts based on the model - if you are more introverted, we'll stick to simpler prompts instead of the silly ones! Plus, we can always meet for coffee beforehand or have a couple drinks to loosen up :)

Can I bring my pets?

YES. 100% yes. I would recommend bringing a friend or family member to watch the pet(s) when we're shooting without them. But, I love including animals in your session!

Can I have other photographers at my wedding?

Short answer: it's best not to. I've had great aunts take flash photos throughout the whole first dance, ruining lots of my shots. Or phone cameras stuck out in the aisle, making my camera focus on that instead of the actual couple. I 100% support having friends or family members grab quick social media content -- after all, it's about you and your family so of course they should take photos -- as long as they're not hauling a professional camera around or sticking a phone in the way of the photographer you actually paid for!

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